Fall is coming.

ImageWell…eventually anyways, first we have to finish August. Today was overcast and relatively cool, reminiscence of the most wonderful time of the year, fall. In order to celebrate the temporary change in weather, I tried my best to channel the spirit of Halloween using the colors of my closet. I know, I know, it’s too soon to be discussing Halloween, but summer is pretty brutal where I’m from and I need my relief. Dressing for summer can have benefits, but there is nothing like the wave of fall clothes that flood the stores every year. I’ve been needing my coat, hat, and jean fix for quite sometime now. I’ll wait for you, fall, as long as it takes…


The New Kid

PicMonkey Collageddd

It’s really weird writing the first blog post. I’ve struggled with this before, and this isn’t any easier now than it was then. The funny thing is, the first post is obsolete in the grand scheme of blogs, so rather than try to explain who I am or what this blog will be, I’d rather just let it create itself.  So here I am, starting over, hoping that this time will be different. Oh, and by the way, I’m Randie and love fashion.